Here’s why I monitor over 100 news sites, blogs, YouTube channels and social media accounts from around the world every day for information that can affect your survival.

I once heard about a military tradition where a soldier would give their spouse a red folder before they left on deployment.

In case they didn’t return home from active duty, the folder had an emergency plan in it with all the important documents the surviving spouse might need.

As a civilian, this struck me as a smart idea, and so I created my own “Survival File” for the most important info I might need to survive.

That’s the idea behind

I’m not a survivalist… I’m just a regular guy.

But with all that’s happening in the world today, I’ve been feeling more and more concerned about my family’s future and the uncertain times ahead.

Maybe you’ve felt that way, too.

I have a health challenge that requires medication, so maybe I think about this stuff more than most people.

I started wondering how I might survive if things got worse and times really got tough.

What would I do if the systems we depend on started to break down and things really started falling apart?

How would I protect myself and provide for my family?

Exactly how bad could it get, and how long before things went “back to normal,” if ever?

The complex web of critical interdependencies we live in is delicate.

Problems in one part can lead to cascading failures in others.

A chain reaction of breakdowns is not impossible.

Are our neighbors really ready for that? Are any of us?

Survival was always on the minds of every generation of humans up until very recently.

Now, anybody who even brings up the subject of survival is labeled a “doomsday nut,” even though it was exactly that kind of awareness that helped us survive this long.

The protective cocoon of modern comfort and convenience we enjoy today has made us soft.

Our ancestors knew how to get their own food and protect themselves – they had to, it wasn’t an option.

Now, people think food comes from the store.

When there’s danger, all we know how to do is to call 911.

What happens when the store and 911 aren’t there?

If the day comes when we need to start providing for our own food and our own security, will we be prepared?

This site grew out of my personal habit of sending important links to my friends and family.

At first, I just kept a folder online to keep important stuff in for myself.

Then, I started occasionally forwarding things to people.

“Put this in your survival file,” I would say.

Now, every day I monitor over 100 news sites, blogs, YouTube channels and social media accounts from around the world for information that can affect your survival.

I post the most important items on this site throughout the day, and every morning I deliver them to my subscribers in the Daily Debrief.

I’m here to help you prepare by making you aware of the threats that the mainstream media overlooks, downplays or simply lies about.

I have zero political bias because I’m only concerned with the politics of you and your family staying alive.

Because of that, I may sometimes post links to articles by authors whose politics, worldviews or belief systems I don’t agree with, because I think the informational content is important enough to look past it.

Please don’t assume that if I post something that I automatically agree with everything that person is saying – I may just feel it’s important that you know someone is saying it.

I don’t believe in fear mongering. In fact, I believe the best way to reduce fear is to be well-informed.

We are in uncharted territory as a society and nobody knows what’s going to happen – not the government, scientists, academics, the media, religious leaders, your friends and neighbors, and certainly not me.

My job is to keep watch, connect the dots, and deliver the information you need to make the smartest decisions for you and your loved ones.

What you do with that information is up to you.

“Hope For The Best And Prepare For The Worst.”

Michael North