NJ Prepares for Lawlessness as Governor Threatens to Lay off Police Officers, Firefighters

Without immediate federal bailout money, the Garden State may quickly descend into chaos

Besides having the second highest number of Coronavirus cases of any state in the country, New Jersey residents may have an even bigger problem very soon…

Without immediate federal assistance, Governor Phil Murphy is threatening to lay off police and firefighters.

But this is one state that depends on its hard-working law enforcement more than almost any other.


For starters, New Jersey has long been famous for being home to Camden, “America’s Most Dangerous City,” for many years running:

In fact, not one but TWO New Jersey cities are now among the “Murder Capitals of America,” and one was listed third nationwide, even ahead of Detroit and Baltimore:

In addition, New Jersey has NINE of the 50 “most miserable” cities in America, second only to California with ten:

Plus, for robberies per 100K people, SIX New Jersey cities are in the top 25, the most of any state:

But hey… at least New Jersey allows its residents to arm themselves against all of the crime surrounding them, right?


NJ is the SECOND worst state in the nation for oppressive and unconstitutional gun laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from owning legal, registered firearms to protect themselves:

And if you’re planning to just run away to the countryside, you can fuggedaboutit, because New Jersey is the #1 MOST densely populated state in the entire country, with 1,210 people per square mile:

In Jersey, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Don’t believe it? This shocking map tells the story:

So there’s no escape, you’re packed like sardines in between two of the biggest murder capitals of America, and your government gives you no way to defend yourself.

Way to go, People’s Republic of New Jersey.

All this crime is why locals often refer to the “Garden State” as the “Guardin’ State.”

The numbers don’t lie… the state is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Will New Jersey be the domino state that triggers an even greater nationwide economic collapse?

Many years ago, Benjamin Franklin called New Jersey a “keg tapped at both ends,” because of all of the business flowing through the state between New York and Philadelphia.

Without the cops, New Jersey is more like a powder keg.

And without their brave firefighters, all it will take is one spark to burn it all down to the ground.

But, look on the bright side, Jersey residents… at least you can always rely on your neighbors.

Good luck, New Jersey… the state where even Tony Soprano couldn’t survive.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Sunday warned that key employees — including health care workers, firefighters, police officers and teachers — could be laid off if the state does not receive additional funding from the federal government.

The dire prediction from Murphy reflects what many governors across the country fear as states grapple with budget shortfalls from the economic calamity brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The Democrat and other governors have called for additional federal assistance while the White House is reluctant to provide additional funds to states. On Friday, Murphy announced the state is estimated to have a revenue loss of $10 billion.

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